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A Letter of Release is required by Korean Immigration if you finish your contract before the due date, and seek another job in Korea. This is a sample Letter of Release (LoR) as supplied by Korean Immigration. You need to have it translated into Korean. Present both copies to your Employer if he/she fails to provide you with one. N.B. It is not a pro forma and the exact wording and layout can differ - it is the substance that is important. Also note that many legal firms believe this form does not comply with Korean law and procedure would be struck out by Korean courts if challenged.


This is what it looks like in English.

Letter of Consent to Release Foreign English Teacher
Name of Teacher: _____________________________
Nationality: __________________________________
Passport No.: ________________________________
Address: ____________________________________
Telephone No.: _______________________________

The above-person has been working at our school/academy from __/__/200x to __/__/200x in the position of Foreign English teacher. We hereby give our consent to the transfer of said person to work for another English school/academy.(name if known)

Dated: 200x/__/__
Name of English Academy _____________________
Address of School ___________________________



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